GuNunG ToK WaN

20/2/2011, after 6 weeks of rest because of CNY, we started our hiking again. This time we went to Gunung Tok Wan, which are not really famous among the preference of hiker. Gunung Tok Wan is after the 4th peak of Broga Hill which is also located in Broga, Semenyih. As information from other blogger, estimated Gunung Tok Wan will take around 2 hours to hike from Broga hill. To conquer the Gunung Tok Wan, we have to past the Broga hill 1st. As experiences that get before when came to hike Broga hill on last year (2010), we decided to start hike early to avoid human jam, thus, 3.45am we had depart from Klang.

Sharp at 5am, we reach at the downhill of Broga hill, that time we already saw many cars parked at the estate. We quickly ready ourselves to start our challenge. Be prepare with the “bright” torchlight and a suitable shoes such as “Kampung Adidas” which I support always for hiking. :D Before enter the trail, there is a public “toilet” that build at the side of entrance. Just a “cover“that for you to release your “unease”… haha..

After everything is ready, we start hiking, luckily there is not many people hiking on that time. Within 10 – 30 minutes, we all reached at the 1st peak of Broga hill, super fast, faster than what we are expected. Actually in the middle of way, there have 2 pathways that make me confuse, just follow the left hand side, wider road. When almost reach the 1st peak, the trail is very steep and slippery because of the soil. When reached the peak, the beautiful scenery of the town can be view in our sight, the wind is blowing to us smoothly….. Is such a comfortable feeling and release our tiredness. After rest for around half an hour in the 1st peak, we decided to go for the continuous peak, the next peak is very near between each other, It just take few minutes to reach.

Around 6.30am, with the help of the rope and gentleman’s hand, we climb up the rock and reach 4th peak. There have a signage that show “Broga hill 450M” from the sea level. Besides that, there have a direction that showing the trail to Gunung Tok Wan, this have to thanks to PRIDE, which make the signboard for all people. We taking rest at the 4th peak and chit chat to wait for more brighten moment to enter the trail. Sunrise cannot be seen on that day due to the heavy cloud cover.

Once the day is getting brighter, without waiting, we start our journey again to our destination – peak of Gunung Tok Wan. The trail is quite clear and easy, on the way you can see the signage that show at the tree, showing 3.1KM, 3KM, 2.5KM, 1KM…. there is not much steep way, just on the middle of way, you have to go downhill, uphill, and downhill again, but mostly the way is flat and easy. We all take around 1 hour 10 minutes – 1 hour 30 minutes to reach the peak of Gunung Tok Wan. 675 meter high from sea level, is consider very low “Gunung”. There is no nice view at the peak because all the trees have covered the area of the peak. Signage of “Gunung Tok Wan – 675 meter from sea lever” can found at a tree. Bench and resting place was ready at there for hiker to have a short rest. Flag of “Tenaga National” was hanging there. There have a dustbin but full of rubbish. A simple breakfast we had at the peak and rest for an hour plus before we return.

There is one way go and one way out. We set a target that before 12pm have to reach at the 4th peak of Broga hill. Me and fai make it in 45 minutes, around 10.45am we already reached there, is really fast then what we expected. Some of the trail we are running because is just a flat trail. And Jensen make it in 1 hour, hoong and yin make it in 1 hour 15 minutes… well done all.. :D

After took picture at the peak and group photo, we downhill from Broga hill. There have few drink stall operation on that time. Coconut and 100 plus is best selling drink, 500ml 100 plus cost RM2.50, seems like quite expensive but is worth when you need some cold drink to release your heat. :D

Around 2pm we finished our hiking and decided to go Serdang to have our lunch. “Leung Ya Restaurant” which is quite famous when we study in UPM. I and yin plan to bring them to have a try on this restaurant which famous of it “ji bao gai” and “leung taofu”. It is located near The Mines there, opposite Serdang KTM station. After eat, is quite disappointed of the taste, service and expensive. They have count wrong the resit for two times, and the way they apologize is not sincere too.

Anyhow the day is end with the disappointed lunch, but is satisfy for the hiking, is consider easy and can make it in short times. Coming up next is Ketumbar Hill at Cheras… :D

THE END ~ ~ ~


2011 new year hike - Gunung Angsi - highest peak in N9

HaPpy New YeAr~~~

1/1/2011, first day of new year... FC club had organized to hike mount Angsi on the opening of new year. Welcome new members, Kai Ching (Lee Hoong's friend) and Hsin Ser to join us. ^ ^ Mount Angsi, which is the highest peak in Negeri Sembilan, situated at the Ulu Bendul Park, Kuala Pilah. Mount Angsi is also well known for dehydrating people, be sure you have bring lots of water that sufficient for your journey. Besides that, some snacks, packed food for lunch is necessary, you may need more energy to descending from the summit. A pair of good hiking shoes is necessary for hiking as you will step on some muddy soil, mossy rocks, slippery steps and many exposed roots, kampung adidas is highly recommend. :D From source that we found, the trail may take 4 hours time to trek and hike 4.5 kilometres along the Batang Terachi River. From the peak of the mount, we may see Mount Telapak Buruh, Mount Berembun, Mount Datuk, and Mount Tampin. The height is 825 meters / 2702 feet. And YES.. this time we planned to conquer this hill.. yeah.. we are coming ~~~ ^ ^

For More information, you may refer to this website :

From 8am, after taken our breakfast, 6 ppl of us drove from Shah Alam to the Senawang tol to meet Hsin Ser from Malacca. around 9.15am we have meet him there, and he took 45 minutes to drive from Malacca. 9.45am we reached Ulu Bendol Recreational Park, there have a tall landmark which have written the name of Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul. There have a lot of parking lots, chalets, campsite, river, basic facilities.. toilet need to pay.

Around 10am we start our hike, but before hike we have to register in the office, entrance fee RM5 per person. You have to register before 12pm and back before 5pm. Better get the contact number from the PIC when register. Ketua Unit Hutan Lipur Ulu Bendul (Mr. Roslan B. Malek - 013-3749933); Assistant (Mr. Roslan B. Ismail - 017 - 2435307). You may contact them if you lost your trail or any help is needed.

After register in the Forest ranger office, from the Recreational Park, we past rubber estate, cross a streams, then follow old water pipeline is along the river. All the way is follow the river and the sign mark that already marked at the tree. It is quite obvious can be seen on the trail.

For the initial part, the trail is consider simple and easy, until we reach a camp site which have written " Kem Tangga Batu". After this site, we reached a streams which is quite strong current, then cross one more small stream, the hardest part is began..... whole the way is steep steep steep.. many exposed roots at the steep trail, require more energy and stamina to continue the journey.. Jensen whole leg have start cramp since that time.. Poor Jensen.

When reach a exposed steep red soil trek, the place was sandy, and few ropes were ready to help hiker to get up to the hill. It was a new experience for us to climb, like playing abseiling. ^ ^ Helping each other is necessary, once you climb up the hill, the distance to the hill is left than half an hour, but this is also depend on individual stamina.

We took around 3 hour plus to reach at the peak, we 7 ppl reach at the peak before 1.30pm. Before we reached the peak, there is another 2 big groups had reached the peak, that is 92 ppl in a group and 42 ppl in a group.... huyoo.. such a huge hiking group.. :D

The summit were surrounded by hilly series of mountains. At the west side, it is Kuala Pilah Town. There is flat space land on the peak, and some of the blog said that the summit is not suitable for camping as the place easily strike by the lightning at this exposed land. After rest for a while and photo shooting, is time to descending. We depart on 2.30pm.

Descending is much more easier than ascending, around 5pm, i n fai had reached at the river side which have the food stall that selling soft drink, burger, junk food.....etc.. we were starving and thirsty.. junk food and 100 plus is our savior.. a while more, Jensen is reached too. but unfortunately, SY leg is sprain when almost reached the end trail, but luckily it is not serious, and is recover now.. :D

After tiring hiking journey, we took bath at the toilet and decided to go Malacca Portuguese Settlement to have our dinner, that time is around 7pm. We reached there at 8pm, due to Christmas, the decorations at the house area was look nice, so impressed by the nice decorations there. But one thing spoiled our mood was the dinner. That time was so many ppl, and due to holiday, many tourists were visited to this place, and many restaurants were full house. we choose restaurant No. 3, which they told us only have to wait 4 tables, so.. we chose this restaurant and waiting for order. but the captain just put down the book and walk away to entertain others customer, he is totally forgot our existence. OMG.. after taken our order, we waiting for our drink again, wait for another half an hour. That time we are totally starving, so we go to buy lok lok at the road side to fill up our stomach first. OMG again.. the lok lok is so so expensive.. if no mistaken, we just bought less than 15 sticks of the lok lok and these cost us RM37?!? so ridiculous... after that, wait for our meal again.. =.=" wait for another 15 minutes after finished our lok lok. Conclusion, holiday eat at restaurant.. eat have to wait .. food not nice.. service no good... all black face.. =.=""

But what we were satisfy is we had conquered Mount Angsi and the beautiful decoration at the Malacca Portuguese Settlement, is worth to go there.. :D

~~ End ~~

Continue with another mount.. coming up soon...


Fantasice Your Life~ Universal Studio Singapore

Fantasice Your Life~ Universal Studio Singapore

The first thing when my friend invited me to universal studio priced 72 SGD, I wasn’t really feel like joining. By that time, US was not fully operating, some of the places inside are still in test run I guess. Most importantly, I thought US was just a small place for photo snapping. Frankly speaking, not much research was done on my side.
Anyhow, visiting the Universal Studio might be a complimentary for me for not able to find Mickey in Disneyland (nearest in Hong Kong). So, I decided to join my gang for the nth Singapore trip in 2010.
We departed from Klang as early as 12 am on the 9th Oct. After picking up friends and everything, we reached Singapore at 7am. We stayed at Royal Park Hotel, Beach Road Singapore. It was a merely 10 minutes walking distance to nearest Bugis MRT. Breakfast was available at the ground floor of the hotel. After had everything ready, we went Harbor Front, Sentosa by train.
The adventures began at 10am and it was just nice as the crowd was only about to go in. Never risk yourself to buy early bird tickets on the spot as they were already sold out a day or two before your visit. US was basically made up from few attractions such as the Hollywood street, Madagascar, Far Far Away, The Lost World, Ancient Egypt, Sci-Fi City, and New York City.

We started off at Madagascar, Nothing special here, No roller coaster, just a river boat ride with the Madagascar stars, Alex, Marty, Melman and Gloria. It seemed bored, so we did not take that ride. The other attraction was the King Julien’s Beach Party and you would see King Julien, Alex and his gang dancing in crazy carousel. We were actually more interested to take pictures with King Julien after their street performance.

Next, we headed to Far Far Away land where Shrek and his friends came to life!! The 4D adventure was cool!! Highly rated and it was better than the Sentosa 4D motion master I guess.

Then it was the Donkey Live Show that took my attention. It was an interactive live show where the Donkey humorously chatted and made fun with the audience. There were merchandise selling goods and stuffs from the world of Shrek, being a big fan of Donkey; I ended up buying its shirt as souvenir. Another attraction there was the roller coaster named Enchanted Airways. This junior roller coaster was just nice for those who afraid of thrilling and heart breaking roller coaster ride. Then it was the Donkey Live Show that took my attention. It was an interactive live show where the Donkey humorously chatted and made fun with the audience. There were merchandise selling goods and stuffs from the world of Shrek, being a big fan of Donkey; I ended up buying its shirt as souvenir. Another attraction there was the roller coaster named Enchanted Airways. This junior roller coaster was just nice for those who afraid of thrilling and heart breaking roller coaster ride.

Coming up next was the Ancient City of Egypt. At here, I experienced the best roller coaster ride in my life, Revenge of The Mummy. It was a high-speed psychological thrill ride with sharp turns and fast reverse sections, as it pits guests against fireballs, scarab beetles and robotic warrior mummies — all in total darkness. It was so awesome!!! The other attraction was the Treasure Hunt ride. It was a long queue by then, thus, we skipped this ride. From the pictures, you can see how my friend got attacked by a mummy guardian.

From the ancient old time Mummy, we moved to a Hi-tech Galactico Sci-Fi City. Not fully operate yet, only the accelerator was spinning, yet it was enough to make my friend screaming for help.

Last but not least, it was the Hollywood & New York street that caught our attention! These two streets could definitely give you the best photo shootings for your profile picture. The Pantages Hollywood Theater was a life stage musical performance. I fell asleep at the beginning of the show but the ending was quite lively and they were able to lure my attention back through their energetic rock and roll dancing and singing.

Of all the attractions stated, the best show I had ever seen was the “Light, Camera, Action” show hosted by Stephen Spielberg. You would be blown away by the incredible effects whereby a major hurricane was about to hit New York City in front of your eyes!! I rated five out of five stars for this show.
Over all, Universal Studio is a must go place besides Disneyland. Either is to let you recall your childhood memory or bring you some fantasy to life before going back to reality on Monday, it is worth for a visit. More attractions are coming up in Universal Studio, such as the Transformer Roller Coaster, Bettlestar Galactica in Sci-fi City, and etc. Definitely will pay another visit here when pass by Sentosa Island. =)


Ipoh part 2 + Hiking at Mysterious Mount Irau (CH)

As Deepavali Holiday is coming, we had planned to hike the Mysterious Mount Irau in Cameron Highland. Mount Irau is located near Brinchang town at the highest point of 6,923ft or 2,110m, its rank fifteen highest mountain in Malaysia and ninth highest in Peninsular Malaysia. It is undisputed the most accessible and the easiest to climb amongst Peninsular Malaysia's top ten highest mountains.

From other source had stated that climb mount Irau is only takes 3 hours to reach its peak, but it is depend on individual stamina too.

5/11/2010 (Friday), 5 of us, sue yin, jensen, fai, kiwi & me. 1 car depart from Klang at 4am, thats the moment we started our 2D1N journey.. ^ ^

Around 7.15am, we reached our 1st Destination - Ipoh famous Foh San Dimsum (51, Jln Leong Sin Nam, 30300 Ipoh, located behind Maybank. Website : http://www.fohsan.com.my/location_simpang_pulai.html)

This is our second time visit this Restaurant in 2 months time. still crowded of people. Compare with 1st time, this time we are self-service, the food is not so tasty, total RM83.90. Advise to reach there earlier to avoid crowded of people and can get more variety of food.

2nd Destination - Cave around Perak

San Poh Tong

Nam Tian Tong

Ling Sen Tong

Lunch we are having at the famous Pasar Pinji, or so called Big Tree Foot (大树脚)
1427, Jalan Prince, Kg Pasir Pinji Baru, 31650 Ipoh, Perak, it open in afternoon time, close around 5-6pm, near Restaurant Tuck Kee.

Drinks - San Ti + Honeynew, Honeynew, Dragon Fruit (RM11.50)
Fried Fu Pei (RM12.50 - RM0.50 per piece)
Zhu Chang Fen (RM2.50 per plate)
Popiah (2 for RM3.40)

After fill our stomach, next destination - Kellie's Castle (http://www.squidoo.com/kellies-castle , http://www.explore-ipoh.com/kellies-castle.html) Entrance fee - RM4 for adult.

When we depart to Cameron Highland around 4pm, it was raining along the journey. We had rent an apartment at Tringkap with the cost of RM250.00, 3 rooms 2 bathrooms, contact person - Steven (012-3370102). Simple accommodation, complete kitchen utensil (remember bring your own ingredient if you plan to cook), but without Astro card (have to bring your own) and Mahjong, advisable to bring your own games if you wan to spend your night in apartment.

We have make a simple dinner - Spaghetti + Mushroom soup + fried rice (bought)+ wat dan hor (bought) + Omelet Egg (make by Jensen)

6/11/2010 - Around 4.30am, we had wake up to ready to hike Mount Irau. After have a light breakfast - milo + toasted bread + half boil egg, we depart our journey at 6.00am, drove towards Brinchang Town, turn into Palas Tea Boh Garden Signboard stated Gunung Brinchang with a small one-way trunk road until we saw the entrance of Stesyen Mikro Gunung Brinchang, after reach signboard of strawberry farm, have to turn left and drive uphill along the way. Around 5 minutes will reach starting point.

7.15am, about 200 meters made wooden walkway and the scenic view welcome us to start our trekking. After this nice part, we started descending and stepped into mossy forest which is covered with green carpets, roots and mud. the ground is very muddy, shoes must soaking with mud, we were look for roots to step on to avoid these muddy traps, but be careful for roots which are slippery, especially after raining day. We had scramble by using exposed root trees, it wasn't too tough to hike but requires to use your hands and legs, glove is advisable, trekking poles is useless for this muddy place.

We took 3 hours to reach the baby Irau at 10.30am. We were under estimate the time taken. we decided to return from there, because our time is limited. As we know from Baby Irau till Summit still need 1 hour plus to climb. We have to check out our apartment maximum at 3pm. So after rest for a while, we return at 11.15am. the way back was faster, we just took 1 - 2 hours already reached the starting point. We still have enough time to go back apartment take a shower and checked out at 3pm sharp.

We had pass by Rose Valley (http://www.cameronhighlandsinfo.com/attraction/rose_valley/) and went to the market for purchase strawberry and flower. On the way back, we had our dinner at famous Ipoh , Onn Kee Bean Sprout Chicken Rice RM53.50 for 5 people, is more delicious if compared with Lou Wong chicken rice.

~ End ~